Wire Forms

Precision Wire Forms

Introduction to Precision Wire and Rod Forms

Wire and rod forms are very common and can be as simple as a torsion bar/rod to a very complex form with multiple bends that act as a spring or clamp. These are made from all types of materials including but not exclusive to stainless steel, carbon, high temp nickel alloy, copper and others.  Sizes and shapes include: round, square rectangular, shaped, etc.).  At times there are requirements to have machined features in these for example, grooves ball or pointed ends, swedged, and holes.

Customer Case Study – Precision Wire Forms:

A defense contractor customer of Orlando Spring had a fairly complex wire form that was being used as a latch in an elevated/medium temperature environment (170 °F), and this part required a coating. The customer’s engineering department specified a vinyl coating or sleeve but they did initially realize that a vinyl coating would potentially not survive the operating temperature. The customer’s engineering department requested help from the Orlando Spring engineering department to propose a coating material that would survive this temperature.  During those discussions it was determined that the part was also going to be in an enclosed chamber while in use, which led the team at Orlando Spring to understand that – not only did this coating had to survive the temperature – but also that it could not outgas in that temperature due to the nature of it being enclosed.  Prior experience with this unique challenge afforded Orlando Spring’s engineering team to determine that a MIL SPEC Epoxy coating cured at 180°F temperature would meet all of the requirements.  This design and coating is now successfully in production.

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