Compression Springs

Introduction to Compression Springs

Compression springs are the most common and widely used type of spring.  These springs have pitched out coils and typically have closed and or closed and ground ends, although there are some compression springs that need open ends or do not require closed and or ground ends which will have pitched (open) ends. Compression springs can be made in many different shapes including but not exclusive to conical, barrel, hourglass and or multiple diameter shapes and sizes. Technical considerations in the manufacturing process of compression springs include:

  • Tolerance: Precision compression springs will typically have low tolerances (diameter, free length, squared ends, force/loads, etc.)
  • Critical Application: Compression springs require critical applications (e.g. springs are square under load) so that, as they are compressed to the working height, they apply equal force on the base of the spring
  • Wire Types: Compression springs can be made of many different wire types (stainless steel, carbon, high temp nickel alloy, copper, etc.)
  • Shape: Compression springs are manufactured in various sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangular, and shaped)

Some items to consider when designing springs for any application are as follows:

  • The space/envelope where the spring will need to fit
  • The environment the spring will need to survive in (corrosive, high or low temperature)
  • Cycle life and forces required and the stresses associated with those forces for the chosen material types and sizes
  • Whether the spring ends need to be ground square and or how square
  • Determination of whether the spring be set to solid height while in the application or during assembly and what are those related stresses

There are numerous other factors to consider and all can have an impact on cost. Designing a spring for manufacturability and cost may at times be a challenge.  Consulting with knowledgeable spring manufacturers and their engineering departments can minimize these challenges and or cost drivers.

Applications for Compression Springs

The compression springs we manufacture are utilized for a wide variety of end applications in different industries.   Examples include:

  • Medical Device:
    • Diagnostic Instruments
    • Syringes
  • Aerospace
    • Landing Gear
    • Cockpit Controls
  • Specialty Commercial
    • Security Fencing Wire Forms
    • Factory Hand-Tools

Customer Case Study – Compression Springs

A defense contractor had an issue with a set of springs originally purchased from a standard (catalog) high-volume manufacturer of springs.  Although the springs provided the initial force the application required, they were not designed specifically for the application and the springs would fatigue and take a permanent set after sitting compressed in the application for a long period of time; the net effect was that the spring was not providing the forces needed once this permanent set occurred.  This customer approached the original catalog supplier and asked for help to resolve the problem and help design a robust spring that would not take a permanent set.  The defense contractor’s engineers thought that likely this would require a square or shaped wire due to the envelope constraints, but the original spring supplier could not provide the necessary engineering support and service.  The original spring supplier’s response was: “bring us a finished design and we will produce the spring.”  The defense contractor was dissatisfied with this level of service and contacted Orlando Spring’s engineering department.  Orlando Spring’s team provided two design concepts that would eliminate the inherent problem: (1) utilizing the square wire that the contractor anticipated it may require and (2) a second one that the experienced Orlando Spring engineering department designed with round wire.  This second design concept also eliminated the problem but was much more cost effective than any square or shaped wire spring would have been.

Aerospace Customers Who Value Engineered Compression Springs That We Manufacture

Orlando Spring’s success is directly measured by that of our customers.  Every day we strive to manufacture and deliver complex compression springs on-time and with perfect quality.  Our core customer base includes large aerospace companies with global operations.  We manufacture compression springs and specialty wire forms for many of their business units, including:

  • Space Exploration
  • Defense
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Helicopters
  • Business Aviation
  • Passenger Aviation

Our Partners in Business

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